Ramps- In Stock and Installed

Bringing a loved one home as fast as possible is extremely important- we understand that.

Wood Ramps for Wheel Chair and Scooter Access

Kunkel Construction sets itself apart from competition by pre-assembling wood/aluminum framed ramps in our facility.  The Quick-Ramp System is not easy to install and cost effective.  We stock a variety of sizes and shapes for quick/immediate installation at any designated home.  This stocking system allows us to make ramps available for delivery and installation as soon as possible.

We also have available (for purchase or rent)  EZ Access Portable, Temporary, and/or Modular ramps to meet your immediate needs.  We also carry the AlumiRamp brand offering an option of aluminum ramp with wood boards.  Call us at 877-258-6535 for an assessment on your property today.

In Addition to offering ramps for your front entry door, we can recommend and sell ramps for mobility over a stair(s) in the walkway, suitcase ramps which are lightweight and very portable for visiting friends and relatives, and ramps to aid in placing a scooter or wheelchair into a van or pick up truck.

Quick Ramp Aluminum Tracks with Wood Railing

The QuickRamp mounting System is part of our Cost Effective, and Readily Available Ramp Systems