Home Modifications Overview

Home modification is the adaptation of a home so an individual with disabilities can perform activities of daily living with safety, comfort, and a degree of independence.  At Kunkel Home Modifications, we provide sales and service to all locations and organizations in Ohio.

Modifications can be simple to complex, from removing slippery rugs to installing an elevator.  Investments in home updates and modifications can often eliminate or help delay the need for institutional care.

Home modification:

  • Is best for people with some degree of mobility and not needing intensive medical care
  • Helps people with disabilities retain their independence
  • Helps individuals continue living in their own home as long as possible
  • Can be, Relatively inexpensive when compared to the exorbitant costs of institutional care
  • May include home adaptations for dementia patients

Activities of Daily Living

At Kunkel Construction, we strive to offer individuals the best when it comes to simple Activities of Daily Living